Coastwatch and C-MAN fixes

Coral Health and Monitoring Program coral at coral.AOML.ERL.GOV
Sat Aug 5 21:32:38 EDT 1995

-- Coastwatch -- 

We have modified source code which extracts Coastwatch data for  
presentation on our Home Page so that you may now better observe relative  
temperature differences for South Florida images.  Note the color bar at  
the bottom of each image. 

Soon we hope to add images from Hawaii and the Caribbean. 

Once again please note that these images are only meant to give a rough 
idea of sea surface temperatures in the region.  You may compare the 
images with postings of actual temperatures on the C-MAN pages.  To obtain 
the actual Coastwatch images, which can present fairly accurate 
temperatures as well as latitude and longitude at your cursor, contact 
Arthur Chester at:  

	achester at  

-- C-MAN -- 

A problem with parsing salinities at the Sand Key C-MAN station has been  
fixed.  The salinity meter at Sombrero Key is not working. 

A problem with daily updates of the C-MAN data has been fixed.  The  
problem mainly lies in not being able to get the raw data via FTP--it is  
only available via modem.  Sometimes the modem is not successful in  
collecting the data from the remote site (Wallups Island, VA).  We hope  
to be able access the data via FTP in the not-too-distant future. 

We anticipate posting some of the historical Florida Institute of 
Oceanography (FIO) enhanced C-MAN data (salinity, PAR, sea temperature) 
within the next couple of weeks.  

If you have a need for the historical or real-time FIO-enhanced C-MAN  
data please let us know soon. 

	Sincerely yours, 

	The Coral Health and Monitoring Program (CHAMP) 
	coral at 

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