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Fri Aug 18 19:14:30 EDT 1995

The folks at Biscayne National Park documented more spawning by at least two 
of the Montastraea species of coral again Thursday night a bit later than on 
Wednesday night.  Some of the same colonies were observed to spawn & some 
that did not spawn on WEednesday spawned.  I heard from nancy Knowlton from 
STRI in Panama, and they did have some spawning in San Blas, but they think 
that many of their corals will spawn in September since they appear to have 
unripe gonads at this time.  Acropora palmata was observed to spawn 
Wednesday night by John Halas in Key Largo (we observed it Tuesday night in 
BNP).  We have larval cultures from these 4 species (3 M. annularis sibs & 
A. palmata) going in the lab & in the field to see if we can get settlement. 
Would like to hear about spawning by other species??? 
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