Yet More Coral Spawning

JOSHUA Feingold joshua at
Sat Aug 19 10:58:38 EDT 1995

In a follow-up to Alina Szmant's observations, spawning of Acropora  
palmata was observed last night (18 August) on Molassas Reef, Key Largo,  
Florida. Pink-orange bundles were observed in the upper gastrovascular  
cavity at 2148 hrs in 4 of 8 colonies. Bundle release commenced at  
2238 hrs and ended at 2309 hrs. Surprisingly, the first portions of  
the colony to become active were along the margins and undersides of  

Activity (spawning or planulation) was not observed in any other coral  
species, including Montastrea annularis, Colpophyllia natans, Diploria  
labyrinthiformis, Siderastrea siderea, Siderastrea radians, Favia fragum  
and Dichocoenia stokesii. However, other dive vessels (at Key  
Largo Dry Rocks) did report spawning activity in "star coral" (probably  
Montastrea sp.). Our observations were made from 2109 hrs (18 August)  
through 0008 hrs (19 August). 

Following spawning, bundles floated to the surface where snorkelers  
reported that they were being eaten by "hoards of fish". 

Nancy Gassman 
Joshua Feingold 
joshua at 

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