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Mon Aug 21 19:27:00 EDT 1995

TO        :    Coral-List 
FROM      :    John W. McManus 
DATE      :    August 21, 1995 

We are ReefBase are very concerned about the news that portions of the C-MAN  
monitoring system may become inoperative. Our worldwide search for data on  
coral reefs has confirmed that long term data of the king being obtained by  
the C-MAN system is very rare.  It is quite obvious from recent revelations  
concerning coral bleaching and other problems that scientific progress on  
understanding these phenomena will be very difficult in the absence of  
reliable, site specific environmental data and associated benthic studies.  
 We urge readers of coral-list to seek ways to keep the C-MAN system going. 


John W. McManus 
ReefBase Project Leader 
Coastal and Coral Reef Resource Systems Program 
International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (ICLARM) 

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