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The Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) Working Group 104 has 
been formed to address the topic:  CORAL REEF RESPONSES TO GLOBAL CHANGE: THE 

Members of the working group are:  R. W. Buddemeier (Chair), R. Bak, R. 
Gates, J.-P. Gattuso, T. Done, B. Hatcher, J. Pandolfi, and A. B. Pittock.  
Corresponding members are: S. V. Smith, C. B. Castro, R. Rowan, B. Opdyke, J. 
Patzold, and D. Yellowlees. 

The overall objective WG-104 may be summarized as the multidisciplinary 
identification, review and integration of scientific knowledge -- both 
existing and needed -- relevant to the assessment and prediction of responses 
of corals and coral reef communities to various kinds of environmental 
change, including climatic change.  This ambitious goal cannot be achieved 
without the collaboration of the larger scientific community.  Two mechanisms 
to developed this collaboration have been established: 

1. There is a WG-104 WWW Home Page at: 
     This is intended to stimulate communication among WG-104 members and 
interested colleagues, and to focus attention on relevant issues.  It is 
still under development and will be updated and expanded as material becomes 
available.  Relevant contributions are solicited, but users are asked to 
recognize that this is a volunteer operation, and prompt or extensive 
responses may not always be forthcoming. 

2.  There will be an Open Workshop on WG-104 topics, progress, and objectives 
at the ICRS8 Symposium in Panama, June 1996.  The preliminary workshop 
proposal is contained on the Home Page.  Our intention is to use brief status 
reports by working group members or others as a basis for structuring 
discussion groups and contributions from the scientific community. 
      Formal registration, attendance commitment, or presentations are not 
required -- or even permitted -- for the workshop; however, for planning 
purposes we need some estimates of probable attendance, and if anyone is 
interested in  discussing or presenting specific material we would like 
advance notice. Please contact me at the address below if you are interested 
in participating. 

Please pass this information on to interested colleagues not addressed on 
this list. 

Thank you 

Robert W. Buddemeier, Kansas Geological Survey, University of Kansas, 1930 
Constant Avenue, Lawrence, KS 66047 USA.  ph (913) 864-3965, fax -5317, 
e-mail Bob_Buddemeier at 

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