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  OFFICE MEMO         Free Equipment Available (U.S. only)  Date:  8/29/95 

Free Equipment Available in U.S. 

Used equipment such as electronic hardware, computers, etc. are available 
free to institutions of higher learning in the U.S. through programs 
established within the Federal government.  One such program, in the 
Department of Energy, is described below.  Up to date listings of available 
equipment, including searchable databases, can be reached through FEDIX at: 
Modem: 301-258-0953 


The United States Department of Energy, in accordance with its responsibility 
to encourage research and development in the energy area, awards grants of 
used energy-related laboratory equipment to  universities and colleges and 
other non-profit educational institutions of higher learning in the United 
States for use in energy-oriented educational programs in the life, physical 
and environmental sciences, and engineering. 

Applications for the grant of available equipment in this program should be 
submitted by an eligible, non-profit educational institution to the DOE 
operations office responsible for the site where the specific equipment is 
known to be located. 

The monthly Energy-Related Laboratory Equipment Catalog (ERLE) is available 
on a yearly subscription from the Government Printing Office. An order form 
is provided on the back inside cover of the ERLE catalog. 

Eligibility and Procedures 

Any non-profit, educational institution of higher learning, such as a 
university, college, junior college, technical institute, museum, or 
hospital, located in the U.S. and interested in establishing or up-grading 
energy-oriented educational programs in the life, physical and environmental 
sciences, and engineering is eligible. 

An institution is not required to have a current DOE grant or contract in 
order to participate in this program. High schools, grade schools, and 
vocational trade schools are excluded. An energy-oriented program is defined 
as an academic research activity dealing primarily or entirely in 
energy- related topics. 

Because of space limitations, cost of equipment storage and requests by other 
Federal agencies for DOE equipment, institutions have 30 days, from the time 
of "freezing" the equipment, to submit their grant application. Application 
reviews and grant awards will be performed on a first-received, first- 
qualified basis. 

Send equipment applications to the appropriate DOE operations office. A list 
of operations offices is on Page V. Applications may contain multiple 
equipment items from more than one DOE facility in the facilities are served 
by the same DOE operations office. If the equipment is located at more than 
one facility, not served by the same DOE operations office, an application 
must be submitted to each DOE operations office. 

The responsibility for identifying the location of equipment rests with the 
requesting institution. Specific questions concerning equipment should be 
directed to the organization responsible for the 
item(s) under consideration. General inquiries may be made to: 

U.S. Department of Energy 
Office of Science Education, ER-31 
1000 Independence Avenue, S.W. 
Washington, D.C. 20585 
ATTN:  Larry L. Barker 
Program Manager 
ERLE Program 
(202) 586-8947 

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