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Mon Jul 10 20:08:19 EDT 1995

I am organizing a symposium for the forthcoming 8th International Coral 
Reef Symposium in Panama City, Panama, from the 24-29th of June 1996. The  
symposium is entitled "Taphonomy of past and present reef organisms" and  
I hope to include a wide range of current investigations concerning different  
taphonomic aspects of both past and present reef environments.  
While I have had some response from geologist or palaeontolgist working  
on recent reefs, it would be nice to have hear from biologist  
working on, for example, incrustation, predation, bioerosion, or any other  
aspects of taphonomy affecting organisms related to the reef environment. 
Investigations from geologist on fossil reefs are also welcome. 
If you are interested please contact me. 
Yours Sincerely, 
James Nebelsick 

Dr. James Nebelsick  
Institute and Museum of Geology  
and Palaeontology,  
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