Exploitation, Part II

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Subject: Exploitation of marine fish and invertebrates 
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Part II 

It is well known that many fish perish at the time of collection 
through cyanide poisoning. Others die at the collection points  
(fisherfolk communities),exporters holding facilities, in transit 
to the importer country or at the importer holding facilities. The 
remainder die within a few days or weeks of thei arrival at the pet 
shop or at the aquarium hobbyist's home. 

Unfortunatly, sodium cyanide is not the only factor responsible for 
the high mortality registered at each level of the marine fish and 
invertebrates trade. 

Other factors contributing to mortality include: 

-Unsuitability of certain species to survive in captivity: 

 From the 932 different species of marine fish collected for the 
 aquarium hobby,close to 400 species could be considered target 
 species (more frequently found at the pet shop). 

 From these, 280 are considered as species that are from moderate  
 to difficult to keep in captivity, and as a consequence, register 
 high mortality rates, 100% in some cases. 

 i.e. members of the families: 


-Incompatibility of aquaria inhabitants 

-Unbalanced diet 


-Aquarium inhabitants overfeeding (pollution) 

-Aquaria overcrowding  

-Imbalance between chemical, physical and biological conditions in the 
 holding tanks 

-Physiological damage inflicted to the fish when: 
* Collected 
* Handled and held at collection points at exporters,importers and retai- 
  lers holding facilities 

-Fish diseases (parasites or bacterial infections)  

-Copper poisoning ( at exporters', importers',retailers' and hobbyists' 

-Poor aquarium management at importers, retailers and aquarium hobbyists 
 holding facilities 

-Lack of information among fishers, exporters, importers, retailers and 
 aquarium hobbyists 

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