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To whom it may concern 

It is my big pleasure to announce that a Coral Reef Society, a non profit 
organisation, was founded in Warsaw, Poland, in the beginning of 1995. Its 
members are mainly biologist, but all who love to explore underwater 
beauty and riches are welcome.  

The main aim of the Society is: 
*  to acquire and widen knowledge about coral reefs 
*  to organise expeditions to coral reefs  
*  to share knowledge concerning underwater life  
*  to stand up for clean environment, particularly in coral reefs area  
*  to co-operate with similar organisations.  

We have organised two expeditions to the Red Sea's reefs so far. During 
these expeditions 30 scuba-divers spent 150 hours under water. About 6000 
photos were made and about 250 kilograms of coral pieces and shells were 
collected from the beaches Eastern Egypt.  Later, the members of Coral 
Reef Society had more then 50 lectures concerning reef biology in 
high-shools and universities. All collected material was given away to 63 

Here is the board of our organisation:  

1. Grzegorz Soszka 

2.  Pawel Szewczak 
     wice President 
     nature, botany, marin and reef aquaristic 

3.  Pawel Szpygiel  
     biology, underwater photography 

So if you are excited or just interested in coral reefs wonders, please 
contact us immediately:  

Pawel Szewczak  
Darwina Str. 8/122  
03-484 Warsaw  
phone +0048 22 189526 

by e-mail contact to:  
Slawomir Kosielinski  
kosiel at 
or kosiel at  

Warsaw, 29 July 1995 

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