Sun Jul 30 19:13:49 EDT 1995

31 July 1995 

Dear Lagoon Lovers 

As you are all aware, the ICRS meeting in Panama is coming soon.  Dr. Loic  
Charpy (ORSTOM) and I are organizing a symposium on reef lagoons.  The sessions  
will be prepared to cater to all aspects of reef lagoons:  morphology, geology,  
biology, chemistry, oceanography.  Size doesn't matter - from small backreef  
lagoons, atolls and larger shelf systems.  If you want to be part of this,  
please send me your abstract by the first week of October so Loic and I can  
organize a program. 

I can be reached at (virtually all media acceptable) 

Miles Furnas 
Australian Institute of Marine Science 
P.M.B. No. 3 
Townsville MC, Queensland 4810 

Phone:  61-77-534211 
Fax:    61-77-725852 
email   m.furnas at 

See you there 
Miles Furnas 

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