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Thu Jun 8 14:23:25 EDT 1995


	Our list-server is still under construction, but we hope to have 
it up and running soon.  When that is set up, you will receive news of  
coral meetings, discussions, symposia, etc, as well as be able to  
ask questions of others on the list, make announcements, and so forth.  
In the mean time, here is a little news from the Coral Health and 
Monitoring Program, which can be found on the World-Wide Web at  

	We have added a rather large list of literature abstracts and 
references relating to coral health.  If you do not see your name and 
abstract listed, but would like to have it listed, please send the 
complete journal citation with abstract to hendee at  

	We have begun to add some historical data (surface temperature 
and salinity) from the Indo-Pacific's coral reef areas, years 1900 
through 1990. Currently listed are data from the Keeling, Christmas  
Island and Timor Sea areas. 

	Our Coastwatch satellite image data and viewing process has 
improved.  Images are posted daily, and are also archived so that you may 
view previous days and times.  

	A sample C-MAN (Coastal-Marine Automated Network) bulletin from 
the Florida Keys has been posted.  If you would like to begin receiving 
these data for selected C-MAN sites at certain times and days, please 
drop a line so we may add you to the subscription list.  These bulletins 
may be sent by e-mail or faxed (U.S.A. only) to you.  

	Historical C-MAN data will be added soon.  These data will  
include selected Florida Keys C-MAN stations. 

	These services are still under construction, so we appreciate 
your patience.  If you have any suggestions, please let us know.  If you 
know of any other coral researchers who could benefit from these 
services, please forward their full name and e-mail address. 

	Many thanks for your interest and support. 

	Sincerely yours, 

	Jim Hendee 

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