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Pacific Science Assn psa at
Thu Jun 22 15:08:01 EDT 1995

Update of Coral Reef Researchers Directory 

The Directory of Coral Reef Researchers of the Pacific is being updated to 
be world-wide in scope.  The International Coral Reef Initiative and the 
South Pacific Regional Environment Programme are providing funds to 
support this effort.  All researchers who have previously been contacted 
will receive a copy of the current entry for verification and e-mail 
address addition.  Additional researchers will receive original 
questionnaires.  Since questionnaires will be sent out in July and August 
of this year, a final draft is anticipated to be completed by the time of 
the International Coral Reef Symposium in Panama in June 1996.  In 
addition, it is planned to have this directory on an internet gopher.  For 
further information contact:  L. G. Eldredge, Pacific Science Association, 
P.O. Box 17801, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 [TEL (808) 848-4139; FAX (808) 
847-8252; Internet:  psa at] 

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