Daily C-MAN data availability

James C. Hendee hendee at AOML.ERL.GOV
Fri Jun 23 11:30:42 EDT 1995

	Meteorlogical and oceanographic data are now available 
daily from the National Data Buoy Center's C-MAN 
(Coastal-Marine Automated Network) stations in the Florida 
Keys, via our Coral Health and Monitoring Home Page at: 


	The data will be posted at approximately 4:45 am EST 
(USA) every morning, and will contain data for every hour on 
the hour, for the previous 72 hours.  The sites covered are:  

	Fowey Rocks 
	Molasses Reef 
	Sombrero Key 
	Long Key 
	Sand Key 
	Dry Tortugas 

	The C-MAN bulletins have the most common parameters 
listed; however, we will soon be re-configuring the bulletins 
to include more data, for instance, relative tide level.  The 
Florida Keys C-MAN buoys have been enhanced for oceanographic 
data collection (salinity, sea temperatures at different 
depths, and photosynthetically active radiation) by the Florida 
Institute of Oceanography (FIO).  Standard meteorological 
parameters measured inlcude air temperature, wind speed and 
direction, wind gusts, and barometric pressure.  These sites 
are maintained by Chris Humphrey and John Dotten at FIO's Keys 
Marine Laboratory on Long Key in the Florida Keys. You may 
contact them directly at (305) 664-9101, if you wish more  
information concerning the C-MAN stations.  

	Other sites posted are: 

	Conch Reef Wave Buoy (in the Florida Keys) 
	Settlement Point, Grand Bahama Island 
	Micronesia (Eniwetok, Kosrea, Mili and Ulithi Atoll) 

	Please be advised that these oceanographic data are 
PREMLIMINARY data and have not been screened for accuracy.  
NOAA and FIO can not be held liable for use of these data in a 
manner other than for perusal of preliminary oceanographic data 
for scientific research on coral reefs.  

	Historical data from the C-MAN stations will soon be  
made available. 

	If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to  
contact me. 

	Many thanks for your interest. 

	Jim Hendee 

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