Another unusual year in Asia

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Wed Jun 28 10:01:13 EDT 1995

Last year in Hong Kong and southern China, we had a 100 year record rainfall  
and flooding of the Pearl River. Through a complex pathway, this resulted in a  
major hypoxia event that killed most hard corals below about 3 m depth in  
coastal embayments. The documented area affected exceeds 200 sq kilometres. 

This summer, we have had a 100 year record dry May. The lack of clouds and  
rain has undoubtedly helped to warm up the sea in this part of Asia. Large  
sharks, very uncommon in Hong Kong, have come in close to shore and there have  
been three fatal shark attacks within two weeks. 

The southwest monsoon rains have finally arrived and it will be interesting to  
see if we have a repeat hypoxia and mass mortality event again in July. 

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