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   The Second Convention of the Parties to the Convention on Biological 
   Diversity (COP2) will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia, November 
   6 - 17 July, 1995. There are two main sources of information for 
   this conference: 

   1. United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) Web Page: 
        Contains background documents, official documents from COP1, 
        the agenda for COP2, and information for attendees. 

   2. Linkages Web Page: 
        International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) 
        Contains copies of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin for 
        COP1, and where ENB for COP2 will appear. 

   There are a few additional documents at Communication for a  
   Sustainable Future (CSF): or 
   gopher in the Environment/Conservation Biology 

   I believe that there are also some documents available from the 
   FAO Web server (, I think). 

   Preston Hardison 
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