marbio: Re: Diadema spawning

Mike Marshall marshall at
Thu Nov 9 12:15:40 EST 1995

I am interested in culturing Diadema at our field station at Pigeon  
Key.  I have searched for literature on Diadema reproduction and  
development but I haven't found much about spawning techniques.   
Would the ususal echinoderm spawning stimulants work with Diadema? 

     Michael J. Marshall 
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On Wed, 8 Nov 1995, Shelley Anthony wrote: 

>   One male Diadema antillarum was observed to spawn immediately after 
> handling near Lee Stocking Island, Exuma Cays, central Bahamas in the late 
> afternoon on October 26.  I am interested in hearing of any comparable 
> observations from anywhere in the western Atlantic/Caribbean.  Please 
> respond to santhony at  I greatly appreciate the help. 
> Thanks, 
>    Shelley Anthony 
>    Dept. of Zoology 
>    University of Texas, Austin 

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