N Coral database & travel funds

Andre Uychiaoco andreu at msi.upd.edu.ph
Thu Nov 9 19:13:29 EST 1995

Hi, we are going to start a coral database server (initially for the 
Philippines only) and want to make the data available to the world 
wide web community by search engine (e.g.    something similar to online bib- 
liographic software)...the data are summaries of benthic cover and 
reef fish abundance.  Could anyone give us hints on how to start 
making these available  ?  That is, what software we should be looking 
for.  Offhand, we think dBase for UNIX seems to be a likely starting 
Next topic, does anyone know of funding a sources available for travel 
grants for graduate students from developing countries to get to the 
coral reef symposium in Panama?  (That is, aside from funding availa- 
ble from the symposium organizers themselves.) 
Please send comments to andreu at u msi.upd.edu.ph 

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