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Thu Nov 16 15:58:36 EST 1995

To the coral-list, 

Do you have slides of coral reefs that could be used in an national 
educational slide show?  If so, please read on . . . 

I am writing to you from CORAL- The Coral Reef Alliance, a non-profit 
organization dedicated to coral reef conservation around the world.  We are 
currently in the process of putting together an educational slide show and 
video on coral reefs that will be displayed at clubs, schools and other 
gatherings as a way to expand the public's understanding and appreciation of 
coral reefs.  The slide show will be packaged in a presentation kit, complete 
with background materials, so that divers, teachers and other interested 
individuals will be able to make a presentation without any previous training 
in marine biology or special knowledge of coral reefs. 

We need slides of: 
healthy coral reefs, damaged reefs, bleached reefs, images of damage being 
done to reefs (mining, dynamite fishing etc.), aerial photographs of reef 
areas (especially where you can see processes such as siltation occurring) 
and other reef-related images.  As the theme of the show is "The Underwater 
Rainbow," images of rainbows (especially over tropical waters) would be 
especially welcome. 

This is a great opportunity to have your slides shown nationally to a wide 

Each photographer will receive a photo credit in the show and a certificate 
acknowledging his/her contribution.  

Please send your slides ASAP.  The final deadline for slide submissions is 
December 22, 1995.  We can use originals or high quality duplicates.  If you 
would like your slides returned, include a self-addressed stamped envelope. 
 If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me at (510) 
528-2492, or send email to CoralReefA at 

Thank you for your assistance with this important project. I hope to hear 
from you soon.   

Stephen Colwell 
CORAL Executive Director 
CoralReefA at 

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