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For those on the list in the U.S. - 

Did anyone happen to catch the program this past week either on the 
"Discovery Channel" or "The Learning Channel" or perhaps even "NOVA" which 
dealt with the effects of increased nitrate concentration on coral health?  
I did not catch the program but learned of it from a friend. It was a 
progress report of a long term study where they are elevating the nitrate 
concentration on several small "micro-atolls" daily (they also have 
controls where they aren't doing anything).  The end result is that the 
increase in nitrate isn't resulting in enhanced blue-green algae activity, 
but a significant decrease in coral growth.  They plan on increasing the 
nitrate "spike" by a factor of 10 next season. 

If any knows of this project, I'd be interested in catching up on it, as 
well as perhaps tracking down a VHS copy of the show. 

Thanks in advance, 
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