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My name is Andy Hooten.  I work as an independent consultant in the 
Washington D.C. area.  Coral reefs were my academic background, and 
even though there are not very many here in Washington, I have 
recently been doing work at the World Bank re: some conservation work 
with reefs.  I have not seen the film, but am aware of the research.  
You can get more information about the work by contacting Graeme 
Kelleher, former director of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park 
Authority.  He will probably forward contact information to you of 
the researchers conducting the study.  An address to forward a 
request to him is: 

		c/o The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority  
		Braddon  ACT 2601  
		Australia  FAX: 41-22-999-0025  

You can also possibly get a message to him through a colleague of 
his, Chris Bleakley at the GBRMPA at C.Bleakley at  

You should also be aware of other recent research by Peter Spencer 
Davies who seems to have found that NITRITE does cause rapid growth 
responses with zooxanthellae, and can certainly be transported in 
groundwater upwellings throughout the Caribbean (see D'Elia et al. 
1981. Bull. Mar. Sci. 31 (4): 903-910.) He and Francesca Marubini 
conducted research in Barbados and recently reported the findings in 
an abstract at the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 
in Vancouver, B.C.  Week before last.  Apparently, zooxanthellae 
production went up, and coral growth rates went down.  

Phone/fax: 301-942-8839 / 

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