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Hy tom, 
this is marcos Gektidis from Frankfurt , Germany.=20 
The report probably dealt with the ENCORE - project on One Tree Island,=20 
Australia. I' m currently involved in that project. Several Microatolls=20 
on One Tree Reef are "poisoned" with an elevated nutrient level. There=20 
are N-, P-, and N plus P- injektions. The ENCORE-programm runs already=20 
since 1994 but the elevated nutrient - doses proved too small. This will=20 
be changed next year. For more information, please contact me: 
marcos gektidis 
geologisch-pal=E4ontologisches institut 
senckenberg - anlage 32 
60054 frankfurt am main 
e-mail: gektidis at 
fax: 0049 69 79822958 

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> For those on the list in the U.S. - 
> Did anyone happen to catch the program this past week either on the 
> "Discovery Channel" or "The Learning Channel" or perhaps even "NOVA" whic= 
> dealt with the effects of increased nitrate concentration on coral health= 
> I did not catch the program but learned of it from a friend. It was a 
> progress report of a long term study where they are elevating the nitrate 
> concentration on several small "micro-atolls" daily (they also have 
> controls where they aren't doing anything).  The end result is that the 
> increase in nitrate isn't resulting in enhanced blue-green algae activity= 
> but a significant decrease in coral growth.  They plan on increasing the 
> nitrate "spike" by a factor of 10 next season. 
> If any knows of this project, I'd be interested in catching up on it, as 
> well as perhaps tracking down a VHS copy of the show. 
> Thanks in advance, 
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