Available Field Research Grants

Coral Health and Monitoring Program coral at coral.AOML.ERL.GOV
Thu Nov 9 14:38:45 EST 1995

ahudson at earthwatch.org (Dr. Andrew Hudson) sent the following 

To:   Jim Hendee, Philippe Dubosq 
From: Andy Hudson, Executive Director, CFR @ Earthwatch 

I wanted to take this opportunity to provide you and other staff at 
the Coral Health and Monitoring Program with information about field 
research grants available through the Center for Field Research at 
Earthwatch.  Please feel free to review and/or link to our home page 
with proposal guidelines and application materials at:  


and Coral Reef Requests for Proposals at: 


Please feel free to share this information with staff at the Coral 
Health Program.  Don't hesitate to phone or e-mail me if you or your 
colleagues have any questions about Earthwatch grants or the 
application process.  

I look forward to hearing from you. 


Dr. Andy Hudson 
Executive Director 
The Center for Field Research 

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