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Subject: RE: fish yields from coral reefs 

Herman, I have just left The Nature Conservancy's Asia/Pacific program to 
join the IUCN marine programme.  You may want to contact TNC Indonesia 
office re. the work of Bob Johannes and Mike Riepen on the life reef fish 
trade.  Re. reef recovery from damage, the short answer is 20-30 years or 
more.  The long answer depends on a lot of extrenuating human and natural 
circumstances.  There is a fair bit of literature on reef recovery which I 
hope some other respondents have referred you to. I will be interested to 
hear more of your results. Paul Holthus IUCN 

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Subject:  fish yields from coral reefs 


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Subject: RE: questions reef fish and invertebrates 

Herman, further to my earlier e mail.  Contact Dr Bob Richmond at the    
University of Guam on sea cucumber harvest levels: richmond at 
Please send the report on economics of coral reef destruction in    
Thanks. Paul Holthus 


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