Change of address

Callum Roberts cr10 at
Fri Oct 6 16:05:41 EDT 1995

Dear Fellow Reef Lovers and would-be members of the International Society for Reef Studies (or  
even would-be contributors to Reef Encounter; surely they must exist!), 

	I have just moved from the University of the Virgin Islands to Britain (two weeks too late to  
avoid the ravages of Hurricane Marilyn!!). My new address and contacts here are as follows: 

Dept. of Environmental Economics and Environmental Management, University of York, York, YO1  
5DD, UK. 

email:  cr10 at 
Telephone:  +44 1904 434066 
Fax:  +44 1904 432998 

	If you have a desire to bring fascinating reef-related information to others through the  
traditional medium of dead trees rather than the high tech glitz of coral-list, then don't hesitate to get  
in touch with me or Sue Wells.  

Best wishes, 

Callum Roberts 
Corresponding Secretary of ISRS 
Co-editor of Reef Encounter 

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