EIA and Reefs Workshop 8th ICRS

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                           WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT 


        8th International Coral Reef Symposium, Panama City, Panama 

                              24-29 June 1996 

     If you are an environmental consultant, environmental 
scientist or engineer, natural resource manager, or other 
professional with an interest in EIAs involving coral reefs, we 
invite you to join us for a special one-day workshop to be held at 
the 8th Intl. Coral Reef Symposium. The objective of the workshop 
will be to review the current "state-of-the-art" and to develop a 
set of guidelines for carrying out practical, cost-effective EIAs 
which provide the information necessary for managers to make 
decisions regarding development projects that could affect coral 
     The EIA process is now a standard practice throughout the 
world. Coastal and marine developments in the tropics such as beach 
resorts, factories, piers, oil rigs, airports, reclamation and 
dredging are often planned in areas adjacent to coral reefs. What 
special considerations are needed when planning an EIA involving 
coral reefs? The EIA Workshop will focus on the following 

    What type of baseline monitoring is required on coral reefs 
     and how much is sufficient?  
    Are there good indicator species for pollution, sedimentation, 
     or thermal impacts? 
    What precautions can be taken to lower the risk of damage if 
     the planned development proceeds?  
    If damage occurs, what is the likelihood of natural recovery? 
    Is rehabilitation a realistic possibility? 
    How do you get engineers to listen to scientists and vice 

     The Workshop Organisers Gregor Hodgson, Environmental Sciences 
Manager of Binnie Consultants Ltd., Hong Kong and James Maragos, 
Research Associate at the East West Center, have carried out EIAs 
involving coral reefs throughout the world. There will be no formal 
presentations at the workshop, however, a goal of the Workshop will 
be to publish the resulting Guidelines. 

     For further information on registration for the Symposium and 
     Coral Reef EIA Workshop, please contact: 

Gregor Hodgson, Binnie Consultants Ltd.,  
11/F New Town Tower, Pak Hok Ting Street, Shatin, Hong Kong  
FAX: 852-2601-3331 e-mail: GREGORH at HK.SUPER.NET 

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