October coral spawning

Gittings, S. sgittings at ocean.nos.noaa.gov
Thu Oct 12 16:31:09 EDT 1995

This is a notice to alert all scuba divers to be on the look-out for possible 
coral spawning on the eighth night after the full moon of October (Oct 15th or 
16th).  Although the majority of all coral spawning has proably already 
occured in the Gulf and northern caribbean in August and September, there 
appears to be a trend of delayed spawning the further south the coral reefs 
are located.  As an example, Roatan had no coral spawning activity during 
August but did in September.  Also, Bonaire, off the coast of South America 
has previously reported some spawning after the October full moon.  Again, 
watch for coral spawning, especially on reefs located in the southern 
Caribbean on the nights of October 15 and 16 between 2 and 3 hours after 

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