Coral bleaching in Belize

Jerry Wellington wellington at
Thu Oct 19 10:17:38 EDT 1995

Extensive coral bleaching was observed at Southwater Key and Glover's Reef 
(Long Key - outer reef and lagoon) on Oct. 15-17.  Transect surveys revealed 
that 60% to 90% of  the Montastraea colonies were partially of entirely 
bleached.  Bleaching was more severe in shallow water (> 10 m), particularly 
on the forereef at Southwater Key. At depth, colonies of  Agaricia lamarcki 
were extensively bleached. Also, Agaricia agaricites, A. tenuifolia, 
Madracis spp. and Porites porites revealed extensive bleaching on patch 
reefs in the lagoon.  Corals with limited or no observed bleaching included 
Millepora spp., Porites astreoides, Montastraea cavernosa, Dendrogyra 
cylindrus, Acropora palmata, A. cervicornis, Diploria spp., and Dichocoenia 

This appears to be the first time that coral bleaching has occurred in Belize. 

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