coral bleaching (fwd)

Ruiz renteria Fco. Gerardo renteria at
Thu Oct 19 21:08:39 EDT 1995

This message was sent to the CARICOMP data management center just before  
ROXANE paid us a visit. It is now being forwarded to coral-list since it  
is of regional interest. The estimations we talk about are really rough 
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Date: Mon, 9 Oct 1995 13:46:33 -0600 (CST) 
From: Ruiz renteria Fco. Gerardo <renteria at> 
To: Linton Dulcie <dmlinton at> 
Subject: coral bleaching 

Observations of coral bleaching were made last october 6th on Puerto  
Morelos, Mexico Reef.  
Semiquantitative Estimations of damaged species and percentage number of  
colonies affecte are as follows: 
 percentage     Species 
no. colonies 

1 to 20         Diploria strigosa, Porites astreoides,  
                Acropora palmata, Acropora cervicornis   

41 to 60        Porites porites, Isophyllastrea rigida, Isophyllia  
                  sinuosa, Millepora alcicornis         

61 to 80       Palythoa (zoanthid) 

81 to 100       Montastrea annularis, Millepora complanata Other less  
                abundant species, within this range were: 
                 Meandrina meandrites,  Acropora prolifera 
some species of gorgonians showed  signs of bleaching. 

Obsevations were made by Rosa Rodriguez and Francisco Ruiz. 
We will put this announcemente on the reef list and other communication  
media since it is of general importance for the region 

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