Past Bleaching

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Fri Oct 20 09:42:20 EDT 1995

Cindy et al.; 
        I"d like to response to your comment about bleaching observations 
during October.  During the month of October 1992 I watched a bleaching event 
occur on the reefs off the Mexican Yucatan at Placer just north of Belize. 
 These reefs were observed to be free from bleaching during May and June of 
that same year.  Locals suggested the event may have started in late August 
in the region.  My field notes indicate that Montastrea annularis and 
Siderastrea sp. were the most often bleached species with the Siderastrea sp. 
commonly displaying a blotchy patterns.   I have a rather extensive 
collection of photographs of the area and plan to review them to identify 
other species that were bleaching at that time.    

Carl Beaver  
Center for Coastal Studies 
Texas A&M University 
College Station Texas 

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