Information about CORALMAP

bmolnia at bmolnia at
Thu Oct 26 17:27:11 EDT 1995

     Dear Coral Reef Community, 

     I am contacting you in a attempt to get information about two topics  
     and to describe a project that might be of interest to the coral reef  

     The two topics that I need information about are: first, an  
     international program called CORALMAP; and second, about ongoing reef  
     studies in Indonesia.  I would appreciate any information that you can  
     provide on these topics.  My email address is: bmolnia at   My  
     phone number is (703) 648-4120 and my fax number is (703) 648-4227. 

     The project that I would like your feedback on is the development of a  
     coral reef educational CD-ROM.  The CD would be aimed at the general  
     public and public policy makers, rather than the scientific community.  
      Ideally, it could be used for primary and secondary education.   
     Please let me know what you think about the idea and what materials  
     that you have that you think might be suitable for such a disk. 

     Thank you; 

     Bruce F. Molnia 
     US Geolgoical Survey 
     917 National Center 
     Reston, VA 22092 
     bmolnia at 

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