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Reinhold Leinfelder reinhold.leinfelder at
Wed Sep 6 19:21:54 EDT 1995

Dear colleagues, 
Dear friends, 

Our reef group (from the Institute of Geology and Palaeontology at the 
University of Stuttgart, Germany) 
is on the web now. If you are interested in Jurassic (and other) reefs, 
please pop in at: 

We included our literature references, various abstracts and some published 
pictures  (to be extended). 

The general home page of our institute is: 

Best wishes 


Reinhold Leinfelder 
Institut fuer Geologie und Palaeontologie der Universitaet Stuttgart 
Herdweg 51 
D-70174 Stuttgart, Germany 
e-mail: reinhold.leinfelder at 
phone: ++49-711-1211340 
fax: ++49-711-1211341 

New: our Institute is on the web now! 

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