Panama "Taphonomy" session

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Wed Sep 13 14:33:05 EDT 1995

		Taphonomy of Past and Present Reef Organisms 

A symposium session for the 8th International Coral Reef Symposium in Panama 
				24-29 June 1996 

We are soliciting participation in this symposium to bring together  
presentations on a wide range of aspects concerning the taphonomic process  
on reefs.  We seek presentations from both geologists and biologists  
working on living and fossil reef communities. The taphonomic process on  
reefs includes the factors that influence the way skeletal remains  
contribute to the formation and growth of reef framework and sedimentary  
environments.  It also includes the factors that control the budgets of CaCO3  
in reef environments.  The session will provide a venue for presentations  
dealing with such processes as mortality, decay, encrustation, bioerosion,  
deposition, and diagenesis on reefs. 

If you are interested to make a presentation, please notify one of us by 
1 October 1995 via post, fax, or e-mail.  Please include a preliminary title.   
Please send us a COPY of your abstract when prepared. 

Final abstracts should be prepared as instructed in the second 8th ICRS  
circular and SENT TO THE EDITOR, H.A. Lessios, not later than 1 November  
1995.  (If you do not have these instructions, please let us know or contact  
H.A. Lessios in Panama: 
fax: 507-228-0516, E-mail: stri01.naos.lessiosh at ). 

We look forward to your participation. 

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