spawning timing in Montastraeas, etc.

Ernesto Weil eweil at
Tue Sep 19 08:31:02 EDT 1995

I am interested in information on the timing differences in spawning 
onset among the three sibling species of Montastraea (M. annularis, M. 
faveolata, and M. franksi)  observed in August and September of this year or 
last year.  
In Key Largo and Biscayne National Park (BNP) Mfranksi spawned between 1 and 
1 1/2 hours before  
the other two species in 1994 and 1995). This year , Mfaveolata started to 
spawn about half an hour to 45  
min before Mannularis.  Any information is appreciated. 

This month , very few colonies spawned in Key Largo Dry  Rocks, Florida Reef 
Track. One Mannularis 
was observed spawning at 23:20 on the night of Sep. 14. Three Mfaveolata 
spawned at 23:20 on the night of Sep.  
15. None spawned on the 17. Spawning intensity was very low and sparse 
around the colony. Around 10-20 % of  
the polyps in Mannularis, and a little more than that but less than 50% of 
all polyps in Mfaveolata. 

 Thanks. EW. 

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