coral reef in Philippines

John McManus J.MCMANUS at
Thu Sep 21 21:31:00 EDT 1995

This message comes as a reply to that which you sent to coral-list inquiring  
about coral reefs in the Philippines.  ReefBase has 135 reefs listed for the  
area you specified (that is assuming you meant 14 degrees to 11 degrees  
North instead of South and 118 degrees to 122 degrees East)  We are not  
particularly sure about the kind of information you need but if you'd get  
back to us we'd look into our database maybe refer you to those who have  
been doing studies in the area. 

Menchie Ablan 
Team Leader 

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Subject: coral reef in philippines 
Date: Thursday, September 14, 1995 11:03AM 

We are interested in existing studies and geographic data bases for an 
area of the Philippines; (14 degrees to 11 degrees South/118 degrees 30 
minutes to 122 degrees East).  We are looking to determine the health of 
the coral reef in the above area and we are looking for researches who 
have extensive knowledge of this type of study. 

Please email us with your qualifications and information and we will 
get back with you. 

Thank you very much for your cooperation. 

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