Chagos Archipelago, central Indian Ocean

Charles Sheppard SH at
Fri Sep 22 09:34:00 EDT 1995

There is a 20 person reef and island science research visit to Chagos  
in the central Indian Ocean for periods of up to 6 weeks, starting in  
February.  For various reasons, access to this region is restricted, 
and this will be the first research visit since expeditions in the 1970's.   

The atolls are uninhabited, the reefs pristine.  A couple of researchers 
who planned to come have recently had to drop out, thereby freeing up 
some space.  Anybody who is interested in details of the programme and 
who might wish to participate, please reply to this message, for receipt 
of a 4 page document on the programme objectives, present participants 
and logistical details. 

I hope some of you are interested - I would hate to have to leave a  
couple of places empty, especially since visits to the central Indian  
Ocean after this visit may once again be unlikely for a long time. 
Best wishes 
Charles Sheppard 

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