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Ursula Keuper-Bennett howzit at
Mon Sep 25 20:25:36 EDT 1995

I spent all day yesterday net surfing.  I stumbled upon the ERIN server in  
Australia and buzzed the files there.  I read as many files as I could  
before my back gave out. 

What got me especially interested was algae blooms in Australia.  Two sites  
are of special interest to me and like before I wish information on the  
water quality of these two areas. 

>From the Net files, the two areas of worst eutrophication/algae are 

Peel-Harvey system  

Cockburn Sound 

I am looking for people who can give me info on these two areas.  And yes, I  
am willing to make phone calls to Australia.  (It would be a first for me)   
I suspect with algae blooms that any corals in these two areas are goners. 

What I am also suspecting is these two areas are prime candidates for sick  
turtles.  If anyone reading this knows of others sub-tropical, tropical  
areas experiencing algae blooms/eutrophication, I would VERY like to know  
about it. 

Turtle people and coral people have VERY much in common.  We BOTH need the  
oceans to be clean.  Thanks. 

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