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Wed Sep 27 12:49:08 EDT 1995

      I am writting to submit my name for inclusion to the coral reef mailing 
list. I am currently a graduate research assistant with the Center for 
Coastal Studies @ Texas A&M University.  My current avenue of research is in 
artificial reefs but, I have conducted research on community structure of 
hermatypic reef corals and density banding in hermatypic corals.  I am 
currently searching for information on density banding and possible evidence 
of freshwater exposure and specifically test procedures for determining 
presence of humic acids in density bands.  Is there a procedure for 
requesting this information in your newsletter?  If so, please explain. 
Thank you for your consideration in this matter.  

E-mail   CBAggie at                                      Center For 
Coastal Studies 

A&M Univ. Corpus Christi 

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Christi, Texas   78412 

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