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Alina Szmant aszmant at
Thu Aug 1 16:37:01 EDT 1996

I am expecting Acropora palmata (and possibly A. cervicornis) to spawn on 
one or more nights of August 2 - 4th, from 10 - 11 pm.  Diploria strigosa 
might also spawn this month but probably a few nights later and earlier in 
the evening  (9 - 10 pm).  I am not expecting Montastraeas to spawn, but 
would welcome observations August 4 - 6th, 10 pm -12 am.  If anyone observes 
spawning by any of these species I would greatly appreciate it if you could 
either notify me (information in my signature) or post it on Coral-List. 
Types of observations that are important and useful include:  percent of 
population spawning, patterns of within-colony spawning, multiple night 
observations of individual colonies (whether individual colonies spawn more 
than once, and if so, is it the same part of the colony each night), 
detailed description of colony morphology (for species such as A cervicornis 
and A prolifera:  same or different spawning patterns?;  also for Montastraeas). 

Many thanks! 

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