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Subject: Bleaching information 

Santa Marta, August 2nd of 1996 

Dear Doctor, 

In the last months of 1995 a coral-bleaching event was detected along the 
Caribbean region. We have monitored the extension of this phenomenon in 
the Santa Marta area, and the recovery of some of the affected colonies. 
We found an interesting relation between the event and the high in situ 
temperatures. We are interested in obtaining information about  this 
phenomenon in your area in terms of date of the beggining, affected 
species, percent of coral cover affected, recovery of colonies, and 
possibly associated factors.  Any information will be welcome at this adress: 

Gabriel R. Navas S. 
Universidad Nacional de Colombia-INVEMAR 
Punta de Betin 
Apartado Aereo 1016 
Santa Marta 
Sur America 

Tels: (57)(954)214774 

Fax:  (57)(954)211377 

e-mail: pbiomar at 

Best regards, 

Gabriel R. Navas S. 

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