Invest in art for coral reefs!

Ove Hoegh-Guldberg oveh at
Fri Aug 16 03:57:30 EDT 1996

Visit the "save the reef" Internet Art Auction! 

As an event leading up to the "International Year of the Reef" (1997), the 
Coral Reef Research Institute (CRRI) is running an Internet art auction. 
This event begins August 15th and runs for two weeks at   At this site you can visit a gallery of over 
50 works of art by internationally acclaimed artists.   A novel program 
allows you to bid for art at the site. 

The aim of this art auction is to bring awareness of the challenges that 
face coral reefs world-wide.   It will also function to pursue crucial 
support for One Tree Island research station which is currently being 
threatened with closure by reduced institutional funding.   The loss of One 
Tree Island (the site of projects like ENCORE) would be a huge blow to coral 
reef research and conservation. 

Log in and make an investment in art and the future of coral reefs 
worldwide!  Please disseminate this message electronically to all your email 
and Internet contacts.  An attractive button is attached for putting up at 
WWW sites. 

When:   August 15th to 30th, 1996 
Who:    Coral Reef Research Institute (research and conservation) 
Aug 15th - 30th.  Log in and bid!!! 
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