water seepage

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Dear everyone, 

Hi!  I am planning to conduct a study on how a reef community  
structure is modified by ambient nutrient levels.  The study area  
has high levels of PO4 and NO3 and I have good reason to think that  
inputs are from the adjacent resort.  In-puts possibly come from  
water used to spray on lawns and mini-golf courses, which seeps through  
the ground, is nutrient-loaded, and finds its way into the immediate  
coastal area.  I would like to know how to go about quantifying this  
water that ends up in the sea.  I have come across studies using  
"piezometers" and "seepage meters"-- how do these work?  Are there  
other ways of quantifying seepage?  In addition, if anybody of you is  
working on a study related to mine, reprints will be more than welcome. 

Thank you very much and have a nice day! 

cheers,  Chona 
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