salinity and El Nino

Sharifah Syed Ibrahim Sharifah.SyedIbrahim at
Fri Aug 23 05:01:43 EDT 1996

Dear all, 

Hi. I am a student, and new to this list. 
My project is trying to investigate the effects of hyposalinity on 
scleractinian and octocorals. 

1. I am wondering if anyone has contemplated the El Nino effects as being 
not just temperature but also, with the change in climate (hurricanes, 
high rainfall, etc), the likelihood of hyposalinity as a major stress 

2  Any leads to recent materials on hyposalinity and corals would be 
appreciated (the searches I did yielded dated stuff which is useful but 
not up to date). 

3. As well, any one who has worked on HELIOPORA COERULEA in terms of 
tolerances, requirements in nature, problems in keeping in aquaria, etc? 

I would greatly appreciate your kind inputs on any one of the above query. 

Thanking you in advance, 


Nora SyedIbrahim 
Postgraduate student 
Marine Biology Dept. 
James Cook University 
Townsville, Queensland 4811 
A U S T R A L I A. 

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