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From: Jeff Levinton <levinton at> 
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by Jeffrey Levinton (State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony 
Brook NY 11794 USA) 

A CD with nearly 300 images of marine environments and organisms. 
Produced as a companion to "Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, 
Ecology" by Jeffrey Levinton, Marine Biology Explorations (MBE) gives the 
student an opportunity to examine images and explanatory text for the 
following subject areas: 

(1) The Voyage of the Challenger Expedition 
(2) Marine Plankton 
(3) Salt Marshes 
(4) Mangals 
(5) Coral Reefs 
(6) Soft Bottom Shores 
(7) Rocky Shores 
(8) Marine Invertebrate Larvae 
(9) Subtidal Bottoms 
(10) Hot Vent Environments 
(11) Kelp Forests 

Complete Picture Index 

Images are from both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North America. 
Each subject area allows the student to "wander" and encounter new 
organisms and ecological features. Text boxes describe organisms or 
illuminate ecological processes. 

Other features: 

(1) A multiple choice test module, keyed to chapters of Levinton's book. 
Over 250 questions are provided. 

(2) Digital images of nearly all figures from Levinton's text "Marine 
Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology." All figures are in Adobe 
Acrobat format, which allows figures to be converted, for example into 
classroom presentables, such as overhead transparencies and digitally 
projectible images (e.g., from a laptop connected to a computer-compatible 

Hardware Required: Macintosh Computer with CD-ROM, MACOS version 6.0 and 
above Estimated Cost: $24.95 or comes free to instructor who adopts 
Levinton's text. 

To order, contact Oxford University Press at: 

Order Department, Oxford University Press 
2001 Evans Road 
Cary, North Carolina 27513 

tel. 800-451-7556 

For inspection copies and further information, please contact Chris 
Johnson at Oxford University Press. His email address is: cpj at 

Jeff Levinton 
Department of Ecology and Evolution 
State University of New York 
Stony Brook NY 11794-5245 

tel 516 632 8602 
fax 516 632 7626 

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