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Thu Aug 29 11:06:49 EDT 1996

Dear All 

The BBC Natural History Unit is producing a major new documentary  
 series called 'The Blue Planet',  8 x 50-minute  programmes about the  
 natural history of the world's oceans,  encompassing a breadth and  
 depth (quite literally!) of habitats, e.g  coral reefs, rocky shores,  
 mangroves, temperate waters, open ocean,  polar seas and the deep. 

We are keen to find highly visual stories to present in this series and  
  would very much like to hear from you if you have any   
 interesting/unusual/spectacular behaviours and/or locations that you  
 feel would be worthwhile including - from the size of zooxanthellae up  
 to humpbacks at Silver Banks!  

It would be particularly useful if you were able  to include  
 information on any of the following points: 

1.  Is there any visual material of this story in existence, either in   
 the form of stills or video footage? 

2.  Is there any good reference material (review articles, books etc.)   
 dealing with the subject, especially those with accompanying photographs? 

3.  Can you suggest anybody (perhaps yourself?!) whom we could contact   
 regarding the practicalities and feasibility of filming this subject? 

We hope that with your help we can ensure that 'The Blue Planet' will   
 be a hallmark series of which both the BBC and the scientific   
 community can be proud.  Any help that you can give us would be very   
 much appreciated. 

I'd also be very grateful for information about any forthcoming  
 conferences on anything marine, which may be helpful. 

Finally, apologies to those of you  reading this whom I've already  
 spoken to in Panama!  (and many thanks again for your kind help). 

With many thanks for any help that you can give me, 

Sue Flood 

Sue Flood 
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