Coral reef bibliography - update

LizMat at LizMat at
Fri Aug 30 12:04:51 EDT 1996

Thanks to everyone for sending me lists and lists of coral reef related 
references. I wanted to provide a brief update of the status of our work. 

We (GreenLife Society) have decided to focus our bibliography on management 
and policy related references. There are 2 main reasons for this: first, the 
shear volume of scientific work that has been and is being done is way beyond 
our scope; and second, we found several organizations already working on very 
similar projects. Rather than re-do what has already been done, we have been 
discussing ways to collaborate and consolidate the information collected. 
 ICLARM has recently completed the first version of ReefBase, a comprehensive 
CD-ROM database (contact ReefBase at for further information).  We 
will be helping to update their references list by sending all of the 
bibliographic info that we have received.  The Earth Policy Center at 
Columbia University is also developing a reef-related database that will be 
accessible through the Internet. 

Thank you all again for your contributions. 

Liz Matthews 
Reseach Associate 
GreenLife Society 
Lizmat at 

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