effect of sediment on hard-substrate organisms.Help?

Michael Rozenfeld roz at post.tau.ac.il
Mon Feb 5 08:52:09 EST 1996

To All Coral List Subscribers, 

I am a MSc. student at the institute for Nature Conservation  
Reserch,Tel-Aviv University,Israel. I'm writing my thesis on the effect  
of marine sediments on hard-substrate dwellers. I already have lots of  
material on corals, but am severly lacking in material on other types of  
hard-substrate organisms.I would greatly appreciate receiving any and all  
information including reference lists, actual publications and names of  
professionals in the field who could help me out. 

I can be reached at                         
        E-mail: roz at zoot.tau.ac.il 
        Snail mail: Institute for Nature Conservation Research 
                             Faculty of Life Sciences 
                                 Tel-Aviv Univesity  
Thank you very much! 
 Micael Rosenfeld            
                   ( 0   0 ) 

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