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Tue Feb 6 09:41:07 EST 1996

To whom it may concern. 
My name is Jenny Krutschinna, I am a 26 years old student of Biology at  
the University of Frankfurt, Germany.  
Over the last three years I took part in several courses on marine biology. 
In october 94 I joined a field trip of Peter Vogel and Bill Kiene to Lee  
Stocking Island, Bahamas. The trip was part of a bioerosion project in  
reef environments. 
Since I would like to continue working in marine (reef-) biology, I am now  
eager to gain more field experience.  
Apart from fossil reefs there is not much of that in Frankfurt so that is  
why I am using the net to ask for volunteer projects.  
If you have vacancies for a volunteer student for some time between 
1.4.-15.7.96 or for a masters project (diplom) later on, please contact me: 

e-mail: Gektidis at 

snail mail: Jenny Krutschinna 
            60487 Frankfurt am Main 

I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Jenny 

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