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Greg Kaletzke umkaletz at
Thu Feb 8 22:16:14 EST 1996


I am a graduate student in geography at the University of Manitoba in 
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 

I have a great interest in the preservation of coral ecosystems, and am 
currently working on a project involving the identification of endangered 
reefs. The model I propose will deal with the detection of terrestrial 
pollution such as effluent and/or toxic discharge. Belsher, et al   (1992) 
have suggested the use of the satellite monitoring of Benthic algae as an 
indicator of possible or existing pollution.  In their study Belsher, et al 
make use of SPOT satellite images taken of the lagoon of Moorea island in 
French Polynesia. Computer assisted interpretation of these images allowed 
for the creation of a map of the Benthic organisms in this area. 

I would like my model to demonstrate that an introduction of pollution or 
an increase in pollution to coral intolerant levels will cause the death of 
coral populations and a notable increase in levels of Benthic Algae. 

One of my problems is a lack of data. Winnipeg, if you don't already know, 
is a city that is nearly in the center of the continent - making data on 
coral reefs slightly difficult to come by. 

I am hoping that you would be able to provide me with some data, or 
suggestions as to where I might find some. I would also appreciate any and 
all suggestions you may have regarding the topic. 

I would be more than happy to provide you with a copy of my work if you 
were able to help me or were interested. 

Thank you in advance. 

Yours truly, 

Greg Kaletzke 

Belsher, T. with                       (1992)Contribution  of SPOT 
satellite data  to the knowledge of 
M.L. Meinesz, C. Payri,            coral reef ecosystems. The marine 
vegetation of Moorea Island (French 
H. Ben-Moussa                          Polynesia).  Remote Sensing and 
Insular Environments in the Pacific: 
                                                Integrated Approaches. Pix' 
Iles 90. pp. 537-546. 

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