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jodlauk at stud.uni-frankfurt.de jodlauk at stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Tue Feb 13 06:34:45 EST 1996

To whom it may concern, 
my name is Ulrike Rothenb=E4cher and Iam a 27 years old biologist from the= 
University of Frankfurt, Germany. I just finished my study with a master=20 
project (diplom). My speciality is Zoology and I studied Marine Biology =20 
and Marine Zoology about one year at the University of La Laguna=20 
(Tenerife,Spain). Iam a VDTL-diver (German diving licence) and I have=20 
joined diving trips to several places. Apart from my studies at the=20 
University Iam now eager to gain more field experience in marine biology=20 
and I would like to continue with a dissertation (PHd) later on. If you=20 
have vacancies for a volunteer or projects to collaborate for some time=20 
please contact me. Iam looking forward to hear from you. 

Al ser posible me intersaria mucho asistir o colaborar en un proyecto de=20 
biologia marina (zoologia) del campo para obtener mas experiencia y=20 
practica. Como desde Frankfurt es bastante dificil enterarse de las=20 
posibilidades que hay seria muy amable si Usted me mandara informaciones=20 
a la siguiente direccion 
Ulrike Rothenb=E4cher 
Saalgasse 17 
60311 Frankfurt 
e-mail: jodlauk at stud.uni-frankfurt.de 

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