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Fri Feb 2 14:14:48 EST 1996


Doug Scally of NOAA's National Data Buoy Center (NDBC) has offered important 
notes, listed here (with minor editing), regarding our posting of 
Coastal-Marine Automated Network data:  

a.  FWYF1 (Fowey Rocks), SMKF1 (Sombrero Reef), MLRF1 (Molasses Reef) and 
DRYF1 (Dry Tortugas) are presently operated and maintained by NDBC for MET 
measurements (under programmatic and financial support from NWS [National 
Weather Service].) However, FIO (Florida Institute of Oceanography) maintains 
and operates all oceanographic sensors.  

b.  SANF1 (Sand Key) and LONF1 (Long Key) operate temporarily under the same 
division of responsibility, but are both scheduled for removal this year (as 
financial support, formerly through FIO, is no longer available.) 

c.  Wind speed and direction are 2-minute averages (minutes 58 to 00 each 
hour); wind gust is the highest 5-second running average measured during the 
2-minute observation.  The SeaKeys stations also report "continuous wind 
measurements" each hour.  These consist of 6 10-minute averages and the peak 
gust during the previous hour. 

d.  You may wish to substitute "Celsius" (equivalent to 
Centigrade) as the now preferred term for metric temperatures. 

e. There are now 10 Micronesian C-MAN stations but not all are presently 
releasing data through GOES. 

f. More detailed information on the stations and met measurements are 
available on our SeaBoard Home Page  

For further information, contact: 

Douglas Scally, NDBC 
phone: 601/688-1719 
e-mail: dscally at 

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